• Full crew management with Croatian crew
  • Full crew manning with Croatian crew
  • Partial crew management with Croatian crew
  • Partial crew manning with Croatian crew
  • Individual assignments with Croatian crew
  • Crew travel through in-house i.a.t.a. licensed travel agency
  • Principals data base / softer administration
  • Crew wages administration and payroll
  • In-house training and courses
  • Application of different flag state documents
  • Union negotiations
  • Recruitment of shore personnel for maritime industry
  • HR consulting and support

Manpower resources

Globtik supplies well trained and highly motivated Croatian sea staff to our clients. Very large pool of experienced seafarers is our great asset which is invaluable particulary at a time of worsened manpower suply worldwide.neverthless, with large vesell fellt in full manning, and in partial maagement (LNG,VLCC, Chemical/Product Tankers, Containers, Dredgers) pool is offering to cover more ships at competitive cost.

For this reason, Globtik recruits seafarers via its own network according to Customer policies and procedures set out in the Globtik Quaity Management System. These include stringent checks, tests that verify professional knowledge, employment history,certification and medical records of all applicants.

Crew retention is of course another key component of required goal. Globtik has been able to maintain a retention level of some 94%. This high retention rate is driven by planned career development paths which are mapped out for te individual crew members: paths which include opportunities for promotion whithin a large managed fleet. Existing pool is likely to increase due to ectremely high interest in Croatia for seagoing carrier,officers and ratings inclusive.

We are active in all areas of shipping, however one of our main streams is certainly crude oil-product and LNG division. We have a large pool of experienced Deck Officers, Eng. Officers and Electronic/Eletricians which are very valuable asset. We are operating with world-wide recognized names and always looking to expand our business due to the fact that availability of officers and engineers in Croatia id high.

Majority of our officers/engineers/eletricians are experienced on modern systems thus are able to respond to any of the current industries standards and are able to handle and keep the maintenance for any of principal demanding vessels. All of them are used to work within multinational environment with excellent English knowledge and are having a lot of experience, required to satisfy matrix requirement, with sound experience which is now essential to operate any vessel.